About Albion

Albion Investors is a private investment firm based in New York. Since 1995 we have managed investments of client capital in private debt and equity. Albion invests in traditional areas such as buy-outs, recapitalizations and minority growth equity. We focus on two areas of direct investing: first, we seek to be a lead investor in micro-cap investments, defined below, which typically fall below the initial investment size of most institutional portfolios, and second, we look to partner and co-invest with other institutional investors in transactions with EBITDA greater than $4mm. Albion's strategy is to seek to grow portfolio companies organically and through acquisitions to a size which is more appealing to institutional investors.

Lead Investments in Micro-Cap Deal

We define micro-cap deals as those involving businesses with EBITDA of $0.5 million to $3 million. We focus on a variety of industries and transaction types but are particularly interested in situations which are presently smaller than most institutions would consider, but have the potential to grow to a more efficient size.

Private Equity

Albion currently manages on behalf of an institutional investor client capital commitments to private equity limited partnerships in over 50 private investment funds, including LBO funds, real estate funds, mezzanine funds, venture capital funds, sector funds, community investment funds and distressed investment funds.

Albion Investors evaluates several investment opportunities and choose those it believes have the most promise for our existing portfolio. When evaluating an opportunity, our professionals draw from decades of experience as operators and investment professionals with experience in both debt and equity markets. Albion brings a committed group of resources together to pursue investments in the lower middle market with flexibility.